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Central Florida HIFU Care | Prostate Cancer Treatment


HIFU is a precise medical procedure that uses ultrasound to rapidly heat and destroy tissue. HIFU is being used all over the world to treat all kinds of soft tissue diseases although some of the most extensive research and use has been for the treatment of localized prostate cancer. There's multiple device that uses HIFU to treat prostate cancer, so it is important to understand the characteristics and features of Sonablate HIFU that make it unqique, customizable and safe.

A Sonablate HIFU physician can completely customize a patient’s treatment plan based on real-time tissue response, tissue density and location of significant structures. Competitive devices are limited to three pre-set power levels that cannot be changed once treatment has begun.

The Sonablate® 500 system incorporates the latest customized treatment and safety technologies in an attempt to strike a balance that has been difficult to achieve in prostate cancer treatment-increasing disease control capabilities while decreasing quality-of-life side effect risks.

Sonablate software includes many exclusive safeguards created for optimal treatment without compromised patient safety, including:

1. Neurovascular bundle detection which helps identify the position of nerve bundles and have the ability to display that detection on screenduring therapy.

2. Rectal wall monitoring to safeguard against excessive temperatures and unsafe proximity to rectal wall.

3. Active cooling system that circulates chilled water through the probe during treatment and monitors temperature.

4. Real-time image monitoring which allows the physician to view the original image created during the planning phase while simultaneously viewing the real-time image being treated.

The competitor’s system does not include the same quantity or quality of safety features. Its safety features include external motion detection, which may not translate to gland movement, and use of refrigerated gel to keep temperatures low.

Sonablate HIFU technology allows for smaller lesion size and ability to take care of larger prostate without an advance surgical procedure known as a TURP. The Sonablate 500 creates a 10-12mm lesion, which conforms optimally around vital structures, allowing for complete tissue ablation throughout the gland and decreased risk for untreated tissue remaining. The competing device creates a 16-24 mm lesion, which compromises the treatment around smaller critical spaces, which may end up in tissue being left untreated. Due to the lesion size, treatment protocol states a 4-8mm “safety zone” must be left untreated, again potentially leaving cancer cells behind.

Patients with approximately a 40 gram prostate may be treated with Sonablate HIFU without receiving a surgical procedure often known as a TURP to decrease its volume. The competing device treats prostates of up to 24 grams in volume without a TURP; patients with larger glands up to 40 grams must first undergo a TURP.