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Central Florida HIFU Care | Prostate Cancer Treatment


HIFU is a new fast-rising technique that cancer specialists use to treat many different kinds of cancers. It is a highly valuable technique that has many uses.

Prostate Cancer

Normally, men above 50 suffer from this cancer. HIFU is used to treat prostate cancer through putting an ultra-sound probe into the rectum. That position makes it easier for the ultrasound beams to reach the prostate more accurately. High intensity focused ultrasound is believed to be a great treatment for prostate cancer and more research is being conducted on this topic to find more uses that can be derived from it.

Since this is a new technique, government and regulation authorities have given certain guidelines for its usage in the treatment of prostate cancer. All the requirements and eligibility criteria can be checked online. Since HIFU is not approved by the FDA, it has certain restrictions. The law restricts it from being used regularly and it can only be used in clinical trials. Such restrictions are also present in other countries like the UK.

If you are offered to go on a HIFU trial for prostate cancer, there are certain points that your doctor will have to make clear to you. The doctor will first need to make clear that research is being carried out on the topic and that not everything is known about it as of yet. All patients will also be offered other treatment options.

It is also required to take note of and record everything neatly so that more information can be gathered about HIFU and its use in the treatment of prostate cancer. The patient will also need to sign a free consent form, affirming that he or she understands all the risks associated with the treatment.

Kidney Cancer

Doctors and researchers are busy conducting more research on High Intensity Focused Ultrasound and finding out what more benefits can be extracted out of it. In 2007, several tests were done in the UK on patients suffering from kidney cancer.

Patients were given HIFU before the operation to diagnose its effects on cancerous cells. The method is not widely used at the moment, as a lot has to be understood before spreading the treatment and using it on a larger scale.

Primary and Secondary Liver Cancer

Doctors have conducted tests in the U.S. and other countries to find out how the procedure can be used against liver cancer (both primary and secondary). Primary liver cancer is the type of liver cancer that starts slowly in the liver, whereas secondary liver cancer spreads to the liver from other infected body parts (bones, etc.). They are both very dangerous and must be treated once detected.

The trials showed some good results, but the treatment is currently not approved to be used on a regular basis. More research is required on the use of HIFU to treat liver cancer to understand exactly how it affects the cancer cells and what side effects it may have.

Pancreatic Cancer

Most doctors prefer to go for surgery in case of a pancreatic cancer, but doctors in China are still researching on the use of HIFU in its treatment. It is believed that HIFU can be very valuable in removing this type of cancer, especially when the patient is not healthy enough to have the surgery. Doctors have not found very good results so far, but research is currently ongoing on the topic.

Bladder Cancer

In China, doctors also believe that HIFU can treat bladder cancer, especially when it comes from the back of the bladder. Doctors in China have used this method to treat bladder cancer, and the results have been impressive. Medical engineers in the U.S. are also trying to learn the benefits of HIFU against this type of cancer.

Currently studied in the U.S. for the treatment of prostate cancer, HIFU has the potential to revolutionize the medical world and bring about positive change.