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Central Florida HIFU Care | Prostate Cancer Treatment


"Will HIFU treatment recovery affect my sexual health" is a question often heard by Urology Health Solutions, Inc. once this type of care is chosen in sexualtreating prostate cancer. The outcomes of this therapy are still in experimental study phase, but many men choose this treatment for its targeted approach. You may want to consider the therapy as an option when comparing methods of eradicating cancer cells from your prostate.

When HIFU is used, prostate cells are killed with heat from ultrasound waves. This process kills all the cells in the region, not just the cancerous ones. The method was designed to avoid damaging nerve endings in the same region. Damaged nerves can be a big part of future erectile dysfunction, so avoiding this type of damage is the goal.

More studies are needed to conclusively say whether this option can help preserve your sexual activity after going through the process, typically in one-day outpatient therapy. Your doctor may alert you to strategies to take on as part of self-care at home in addition to the therapy. These strategies may help speed your healing and strengthen this region for maximum benefit.

Kegel exercises, typically thought of for women, also can play a role in a man's outcome from cancer care. Ask your physician whether you should take on these exercises before any medical intervention begins. You might find that they not only can benefit your healing, but might also help guard against incontinence.

Prescription drugs also could play a role in helping you to recover your full abilities in bed. Those erectile dysfunction commercials may take on a new meaning for you when you consider those same pills advertised might be useful in speeding your return to normal. Have this conversation with your medical team before the process begins to find out whether a prescription of this sort would be appropriate.

Mental therapy also can play a big part in recovery. Some doctors recommend keeping the therapy and risks in perspective to help overcome fears of nonperformance later, which could be the biggest obstacle to your healing. If you consider that you most likely may not have any issues after therapy, then you can gain the necessary confidence to prevent erectile dysfunction from settling in.

When looking at the different styles of therapy to treat your condition, it may catch your attention quickly that this form of intervention has the tendency to be one of the least impacting medical methods overall with its targeted zone of action. There is always the possibility you could need additional therapy once ultrasound is completed. This method, though, takes you out of the wait-and-see approach and begins to go after the cancer in an active, focused and thorough form.

Your physician and medical team can answer more of your questions when it comes to adopting this type of care. It can be worth the effort to become more knowledgeable of all your available options. Then you can put the worry of "Will HIFU treatment recovery affect my sexual health?" out of your thoughts and get on with a medical plan you are comfortable with from Urology Health Solutions, Inc.